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Hybrids and Gas Guzzlers

The newest car solution seems to be to meet the gas crisis by putting out more green hybrid electric cars. With gas prices fluctuating and the state of the economy up in the air as it is, driving a car in America has become quite a hassle and many people are turning toward other options because it feels like continuing to operate their vehicles will be a waste of money when there are scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, rideshares and public transportation to consider. Alternatives like public transportation and car pooling are becoming much more prevalent in this day and age, and the demand for gas guzzling options like the newest SUV to hit the market is not as high as it once was because gas prices simply are not cooperating.

Luckily, the big three automakers in the United States are wising up to this fact and seem to plan on combating the low turnover for new automobile sales by creating new vehicle options that cater to the needs of people looking for hot new vehicles that also happen to be hybrid electric cars. More demand is being placed on used cars and smaller cars because they are more affordable, and in many cases can offer better mileage, so the big three automakers in the United States are going to make less money until they nip this problem in the bud by producing vehicles that will create increased demand, and this is where hybrid electric cars are coming in.

The big three automakers really need to find a way to push out more green hybrid electric cars, as well as hybrid trucks, SUTs and SUVs, offering them at competitive and affordable prices in order to drum up some support and demand. This is going to take care of the fueling crisis, because there will be new style preferences and model preferences and less stress will be placed on trying to find a fuel efficient vehicle when there are so many options on the market.

If the big tree automakers continue to lobby for and invest in electric refueling stations and other similar concepts, they would gain more popularity for their companies while offering new chances for consumers to get hybrid electric cars, which save money and cut down on harmful greenhouse gas emissions. If there were more refueling stations out there for green hybrid electric cars, then there would be more hybrid cars and more electric cars, and the sales of these vehicles would also increase significantly because these dynamics absolutely go hand in hand with one another. Even as the gas prices go down, it is still incredibly wise for green hybrid electric cars to take over the street, because these cars offer exceptional benefits. More electric and hybrid car sales and more refueling stations for these green hybrid electric cars will absolutely lead to more profits for these automakers, which in turn would lead to more jobs and less layoffs, benefiting not only the consumers, but the companies and their employers as well.

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Welcome to Green Hybrid Electric Cars

Green Hybrid Electric Cars will be website dedicate to the hybrid electric cars aka HEVs. With the price of oil and the toil on our environment we should all consider doing our part to reduce or replace our fuel consumption with cleaner alternatives. This website will have resources for the hybrid car owner. As I prepare the website for launch please consider checking out the hybrid electric car dealership.

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Being Hybrid is not Necessarily Being Good

honda1In today's day and age, hybrid has become a synonym for what is good in the eco-friendly movement. Not all hybrids are created the same, and in actuality many rate quite poorly. Whether it is poor fuel economy or a negative impact on the environment, these hybrids show that bearing the moniker of hybrid, does not necessarily mean that the car will have a positive impact on the planet or your wallet.

When automobile owners hear the word hybrid, their thoughts immediately go to gasoline. Those gallons of gas will be saved in the switch to hybrid vehicles. Take for example the Chevrolet Tahoe 2-Mode hybrid. The 2-mode system gives the Tahoe dynamic control over two or four wheel drives. This imparts a forty percent improvement to mileage, at an MSRP of over fifty thousand. This is the problem with the vehicle as a hybrid. Despite the extent of improvement in fuel economy, the total benefit to the driver will not match the benefits for other hybrids. Worse yet, it will be unlikely that an SUV such as the Tahoe would not come close to meeting or exceeding the benefits from other vehicles. It is for this reason that consumers should investigate all variables when looking into a hybrid to purchase. These include prices, mileage for the hybrid and non-hybrid version, internal space, vehicle weight, and so on.

Another way that hybrids are not the best choice is when they fail tests that should not be failed. Vehicles like the Honda Accord Hybrid were not able to pass their initial emissions test. After Honda pulled the car and worked the internals to address the problem, the hybrid once again failed the test. All of this equates to costs for the owner, because not only will their vehicle fail emissions, but they will have to pay for the fix, and then pay for retesting. Before the retest, the driver can not legally drive the vehicle. This situation shows how vital it is to research not only the specifications provided by the manufacturer, but also news reports regarding the vehicle and issues it may have. The manufacturer can edit their web page, but not online news sources will forever exist in the digital ether. Honda's website shows their non standard hybrid on the webpage, while information on the Accord is hard to come by. A hybrid which fails emissions is not really getting the point.

Most hybrids on the market have passed their emissions, and are true deals for their owners. These hybrids will have passed emissions tests in many states and high mileages. Despite this, there are a few bad apples. These bad apples hurt the environment, with their failing emissions, and hurt the wallets of their owners. These hybrids serve as poor investments, and for those consumers looking for a hybrid that is eco-friendly as well as good for the wallet, then a good deal of research into the best hybrid is necessary. Look at manufacturer specifications as well as news reports into the reliability and any press worthy issues that may arise.

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Buying a Used Green Hybrid Car

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