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Ford Has Hybrid Electric Cars in Works

fordRecently, Ford automotive submitted to congress a business plan of attack, covering all angles, detailing the automobile manufacturer's plans for profit. The most notable of features for the plan involves the company's dedicative approach to the introduction of newer hybrid and full electric vehicles. This move hopes to save the company from potential bankruptcy. In order to be able to make the transition, Ford is asking for a temporary loan to help it through the economic crisis (or a competitor should go bankrupt. The loan will be for up to $9 billion dollars, but Ford is hopeful that said money would not be needed in its efforts to get ahead. It would serve only as a safety against the potential failing of the system.

Ford's plans are centralized towards the market's desire and demand for newer cars that are much more fuel efficient. These vehicles will include a full battery hybrid and a full plug in electric car. The company hopes to be able to formulate their plan and get the ball rolling on the advancements. Ford expects that the break even point will be reached in the year 2011. Part of the results will depend upon the potential selling of the Volvo brand car manufacturer, in order to make the numbers balance on time. Up until now, the automobile manufacturer has sold off Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover and its majority share of Mazda as well.

Ford also has in place a great deal of fuel efficiency research in order to improve their entire line of vehicles, with an average of 14% better fuel usage for 2009 models up to 36% better fuel usage by 2015. Over the range, Ford hopes to save 16 billion gallons of gasoline. Part of how Ford will achieve this is through the introduction of hybrids, plug-in hybrids and full battery automobiles. The major work will be in designing the batteries and transmissions of the cars to better draw energy out of gasoline. Its ultimate goal in this regard is toward the research and production of a consumer affordable full battery vehicle.

Another way Ford will cut costs will be to reduce the parts supplier base, more efficiently buying many components from single stores. This will enable to auto manufacturer to pick those companies who will provide much more efficient parts while still reducing costs to the shop. Obviously Ford is taking great steps to making new vehicles that are more consumer friendly, as well as that will reduce costs for consumers and manufacturers alike. Their business plan shows that they are ready to take great strides in this industry, creating battery reliant vehicles that cut down on harmful emissions and offer greater gas mileage and fuel economy as a result.

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